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GoatGun Reviews 

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 
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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 

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Mini RPG Model
Christopher Sled

Before you just repeat the title but slow. So many people whine and complain that these do not function. It's a toy/decorative piece. Relax. These things are made to look cool not go on a super secret mission to save the world. This RPG is way cool. Looks incredible and looks even better in person. You won't find better anywhere else!

Mini RPG Model

The ones I got work perfectly, they look great and feel great.

Mini RPG Model
Lee DeLisle

Nice teplica, easy to assemble.
Looks great. Even deployes the grenade great. About 3 feet.

Mini RPG Model
Billy the Kid
Awesome model

Great model. Awesome design. Love the real wood. Needs some work on firing mechanism but overall great product

Holo Sight
Holo Sight

Great gear, very good detail and looks great. Already planning my next order
Thank you.

Mini AR15 - Coyote
Daniel Greenfield
Awesome desk piece

For the price, these things are hard to beat if you're wanting a really cool conversation piece on your desk space. I make 3D weapons for video games and military simulation, so it's a really cool, safe-for-work, way to show my passion for firearms.

The one I have is all diecast metal, I wouldn't mind paying extra for a more premium version that's made of different materials to better match the feel of the real thing. But again, for the price point, GoatGuns are a win. I have no doubt I'll end up with a couple more.

Spot On

Fun to build. Fun to display. Details are so compelling that a shared pic initially caused confusion among friends, "HOW'D YOU GET AN AR IN CANADA?!?" Haha. Nice.

Too cool

These things are great. I can't stop bugging them

Mini AR15 - Black
Jorge Serralles
M4 Rifle

Fun to put it together and enjoy the "opus master" that came out as competed!

AK Dummy Rounds
Christopher Mickey

Quality is great, easy to assemble, and the delivery time was quick. I will gladly buy more in the future and so should you

Sweet GoatGun!

Bought the AR15 one a while back, painted it and since then, I’ve never been happier!!

Great Buy! 😁

Awesome AK!!

Bought it to add to the collection, can’t have an AR without the AK!

Happy with my purchase! 😁

Mini AK47 - Black
Braydon Hubbert
Ak for Clyde

I really enjoyed putting together the ak. While putting it together there was a minor defect. I sent an email with a picture and in no time I had a replacement part shipped to me.
Great customer service.

Rick Cook
1st of many

Fantastic piece. The pieces fit together tightly and neatly. I bought this on a whim and it met all my expectations. I am now l am now choosing my next one.

Mini AR15 - Black
AR15 + Accessories

Great service, very nice pieces with great details and sturdy manufacture. Already thinking of my next order and looking forward to future releases.
Thank you Sarge, keep up the good work.

AR Dummy Rounds
David Gethings
Not if you live in Canada

Goatguns tried twice to send me my order. And twice it never made it to Canada don’t know if it was the shipping company Goatguns was using or our own customs that didn’t let it in. I was really looking forward to seeing what they were like but I guess I’ll never have a chance.

Mini Wood Rack
Ryan Howard
Awesome Rack

Pretty cool and perfect size for my desk though it would have been nice to have these pieces varnished


I bought this as a gift and I was so excited that I put it together immediately. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. To product is so real looking and it is functional just as promised. I love the gun and the ammunition box I also purchased as an amazing display!

Supply Crate - 10 Pack
Jose Rivero

Very Satsfaied

Mini .50cal - Black
Layla Sharp
50 cal

Excellent design and simple build. Added it straight to to the game room!!

Mini MRAD - Black
keith worby

You guys made me a beleaver in small guns. Bought 2, 2 more on my list.a 50 cal would be nice to own hint hint.keep it up sarge.


Sarge went and done it again with the mini RPG!

Mini MK22 - Tan
Christopher Cardoni
As advertised

Quick shipping tight packaging looks just as pictured on the site. Very happy with purchase

Mini M16A1
Samuel Katz
So Realistic

I love the products. They are so realistic and detailed. I could have it in my hands all day and not get bored.

M16A1 Grenadier
wayne stallones


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