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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 
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GoatGun Reviews

What others are saying about the Sarge and his immaculate miniature gun models. 

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Awesome replica

I am in love with these replicas of the real deal. I can’t afford all the real stuff but I can afford these. Fast getting them as well. Will definitely be adding to the collection in the near future.


I guess I was expecting...... more, I suppose. Don't get me wrong, the build is solid! I was very eager to get my Mini AR15 and, like a kid on Christmas morning excitedly tore into the box and put it together. Then, I sat back & was like.... Huh. Okay. I don't know, I felt a little underwhelmed. I know things aren't cheap, especially now and maybe that's it. For the price, I expected...... More (as I said earlier). I even bought accessories which definitely increased the price. The quality & detail is great. I'm up in the air as to additional purchases right now. Time will tell. If you have extra money lying around burning a hole in your pocket, then this may be an outlet for you.

Mini M16A1
Brian Shields
Frickin awesome

Ooorah, can't wait to get some.. more of these that is. Please make an m16a2 model like the beauty I had in boot. Love the detail and quality.

Appreciate your service!

Mini AR15 - Black
Harvey Bains

Great product and prompt shipping. Will definitely buy more

1911 Suppressor - Silver
Robbie Triplett

I love it

Kickass guns

I was completely satisfied with my purchase and was even more happy when they performed as good as it looked. I encountered 0 issues putting them together and operated as smooth as hot butter

AR Dummy Rounds
Jim Desjardins
Awesome scale replicas.

Goat Guns makes an awesome scale replicas. Can’t wait to add to my start of a collection. Already ordering accessories!

Mini AR15 - Black
Grant Sheldon
Disappointing and Over Priced

Loose parts, cheaply made for the price. Made in China very disappointing.

Mini Short Barrel
short barrels

These work great with the 3d printed handguards and other GG applications. Thet give me many options for customizations. Glad these are available.

A little fun

Got all my collection right were i want it 😄😁

Mini 16

I love it. It is so cool. I’ve got some others I’m looking to get.

Mini AR15 - Black
Great guft

I saw these online and decided to buy one for my best friend. He really liked it and is planning one purchasing another model and mods as well

Fun Detailed Exemplary

The FDE is another winner out of the box. Keep em coming Sarge!

Mini AR15 - Black
Greg Brown

Great gun, except the site for it had broke when i first put it together.

Another great goat gun

Another great gun for my collection! These models are awesome. This M16A1 is as cool as it gets. Wish I had a real one.

Tac Scope
Darrin Crosgrove

The scope looks amazing on my AK!

Mini Sopmod Stock
Steve Schwarz
M4 Sopmod stock

Excellent detail just like the real thing! Maybe an Emod stock sometime in the future with a storage compartment for skittles?


Looks awesome


I was happy to add this gem to my collection. It's very detailed and on point.

Mini AR15 - Black
Ian Jarrell
Addiction Warning

I bought the Mini AR15 as a little desk prop. Within 26 days I own 7 of their guns and half my coworkers have 2 or more. Ihave sent recommendations for new ideas. Fun, strong, and badass. Love these things and can't wait to see what is next.

Riley Pottie

Gun is very nice somewhat difficult to put together but I got it after some try. The bullet does not shoot out as it shows in the videos which I was upset about but other than that I am thinking of getting more soon.

Dummy round ejecting is on the 1911 & MCX as advertised. We never show it doing that on the TSMG; please adjust rating if you can. Glad you like it!

Fred Allen

More of these classics please.
How about a B.A.R? Or a Bren gun.
MP40 or a SMLE?
Weapons with history & a proven track record.

Happiness is a belt fed weapon!

Fantastic quality for reasonable cost.
If I was to ask one thing, I would ask for more historical classic weapons from the 20th century.
Keep up the good work & warm barrels in your free time.

Mini AR15 - Camo
Jeff Jarvey
Just about guns

The quality is bar none the best I've seen in years. My. Friends cannot believe the detail. A big hit.


Great quality. Love em

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